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  • United in Diversity Crowd Sourcing / Funding / Innovation
  • 8 September 2016 United Knowledge - Beyond Limits
  • 28 EU Member States Academia, Politics and Practice
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About the event

In partnership with the EU Commission, the country Styria, WKO Steiermark, the city of Graz will be the second hosting city to gather THE European Crowd experts. All driven by a common goal: enabling the crowd for a greater good. Stakeholder from all 28 European member states represented by dedicated Country Patrons will gather to discuss diverse scenarios of crowd-disruption from the fields of practitioners, academia and politics.

Crowd Funding

What is the status quo and taxonomy for alternative financing models in Europe? Can they fulfill the promise of a quickly growing segment, and how can growth begin to attract institutional investors? On the cusp of becoming mainstream, we will discuss and discover the possible risks and chances and reflect most aspects for a relevant regulatory framework to master the ambitious challenges.

Crowd Sourcing

How will a heterogenous group of people combined with an ongoing digital transformation change the way we think about work? Gaining towards an integrated crowdsourcing definition we will explore how to harness the power of crowdsourcing for most relevant practical implications in a mostly mobile engagement environment.

Crowd Innovation

How to foster innovation including a swarm of heterogeneous people and simultaneously engage united collaboration? Let´s explore with the leading experts how a practical implementation framework can unleash dramatic new opportunities for industry innovation in most diverse sectors. United in a jointed endeavor, we are aiming to develop and discuss a possible european future roadmap for CrowdInnovation.

Corporate and Innovation Partners

Country Patrons, Speakers and Experts

Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give inspiring 15-minute talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects that reflect crowd-based disruption, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. Here is our line-up of speakers and experts for a day that follows an intriguing and energetic flow of inspiration.

Giordano Koch

Giordano Koch

HYVE Innovation

Giordano Koch

Expert for Crowd Innovation. Managing Director HYVE Innovation Community GmbH

Dr. Giordano Koch is CEO at HYVE Innovation Community. In the course of his career at HYVE he initiated and developed the business sectors “Open Government” and “Open Innovation Consulting”. He studied in Passau, Cleveland, at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and graduated at the WHU Vienna and University of Hamburg. He is lecturer at the University of Linz and often booked as speaker, referring to various best practices and combining them with scientific findings. Innovation is everywhere: in Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation. Please expect incredible stories, broad expertise and different perspectives from industry, politics and science.

Oliver Gajda

Oliver Gajda

Founder European Crowdfunding Network

Oliver Gajda

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Germany

European Crowdfunding Network, Brussels, Executive Director and Founder | Lendery, London, Co-founder | Slingshot Return, Hamburg, Co-Founder | European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum at the European Commission, Brussels, Member | Förderkreis Gründungs-Forschung e.V. (FGF), Advisory Board Member | FutureMediaLab, Brussels, Advisor | InnoHub, Hamburg, Mentor

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

CEO Anirot Development Organisation

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Cyprus - CEO and Founder of Crowdfunding Cyprus

Irene is the CEO of Anirot Development Organisation, active in the fields of business development and research, funding, PR and marketing. She has gained extensive experience in European strategy and policy, national policy and initiative promotion, entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a trainer and mentor for start-ups and new businesses, aiding businesses to prepare for funding rounds and an experienced EU project manager, both in previous FP7 and Leonardo da Vinci projects and currently for Horizon and Erasmus+. She is also the Founder of Crowdfunding Cyprus, an organisation advocating crowd-related activities, aiming to establish Cyprus as a crowdfunding hub for the wider region. Irene advocates female entrepreneurship and regularly speaks on topics of policy change, crowdsourcing, stakeholder engagement in social projects and the gender gap.

Michael Gebert

Michael Gebert

Crowd Mentor Network

Michael Gebert

Senior Partner Crowd Mentor Network , Organizer Crowd Dialog Series

Driven by innovation, Michael´s focus is to understand the risks and chances of crowd-based phenomenas like CrowdSourcing, CrowdInnovation and Crowdfunding. Michael is head of the board at the CrowdSourcing Association and the German CrowdFounding Network. He serves as adviser for the EU Commission in the CrowdFunding Stakeholder Group in Brussels and a nominated member of the TAB Begleitkreis „Digitale Arbeit“ for the Deutschen Bundestag.

Carl Brockmeyer

Carl Brockmeyer

Head of Business Development Leybold

Carl Brockmeyer

Head of Business Development Leybold - Member of the Hyperloop Team

With 10+ years professional experience, I am a self-motivated and resourceful executive with a proven ability to build, develop and lead global teams and processes to maximize profitability, efficiency and ultimately shareholder value.

Change excites me, new challenges spur me. High-pressure and high-stakes environments are the right places for me. I am a problem solver, able to develop and execute strategy programs in global organizations.

Speaking 5+ languages and having lived more than 14+ years in foreign countries across 3 continents, I possess excellent communication and intercultural skills and am able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers and suppliers, team members and executives as well as stake- and shareholders alike.

Reinhard Willfort

Reinhard Willfort

CEO of ISN – Innovation Service Network

Reinhard Willfort

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Austria - CEO of Innovation Service Network

Since 2001 he is founder and CEO of isn-innovation service network, Austrian's leading innovation company. As entrepreneur and founder of five further startups he supervises the innovation management processes of several leading Austrian companies.
2007 he started Austrian's 1. Crowdsourcing platform In 2012 he established Austria’s first crowdinvesting platform Reinhard Willfort is co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Shelley Kuipers

Shelley Kuipers

CEO & Founding Partner of Better Ventures

Shelley Kuipers

Thought Leader and CrowdSourcing expert

Shelley’s arch-enemy is the status quo and she will do anything to defeat it. A highly successful entrepreneur with her eye perpetually to the horizons of innovation, marketing, crowdsourcing and venture capital, Shelley is driven to create net-new enterprise business models focused around participation with her global clients and global team. She co-founded Better Ventures in 2015 after previously founding Chaordix, Stormworks and Adventure Capital. Shelley might just spend more time up in the air than George Clooney and breaks from flying and entrepreneurship only long enough for the odd glass of cider and weekend away at her place on Salt Spring Island. Shelley lives in London, UK and right at this minute is probably thinking of ways to realize the possibilities she can see in her mind’s eye.

Diyan Mihaylov

Diyan Mihaylov

Chief Product Officer at

Diyan Mihaylov

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Bulgaria - Chief Product Officer of Crowdio

Diyan and his team at are creating the first platform for a crowdsourced, on-demand sales force. What started as a simple irritation with unavailable online sales support outside of working hours is now a global way to tap into the world’s sales talent, and to create a new economy for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Building on his research-led experiences, Diyan has worked on the digital transformations of some of the biggest companies in Europe, including Coloplast, Telecom Austria, Technopolis, and LVMH.

Recently Diyan has been involved in the non-profit sector as an ambassador, trainer, and adviser on global trends such as the sharing economy, crowdsourcing, and crowd-based community building.

Victoria Saue

Victoria Saue

Head of Risk, e-Residency

Victoria Saue

Running the coolest governmental start-up in the world: e-Residency @

Head of Risk and Compliance for e-Residency program at Enterprise Estonia.

Ronald Kleverlaan

Ronald Kleverlaan

Founder of CrowdfundingHub

Ronald Kleverlaan

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Netherlands - Founder of CrowdfundingHub

Ronald is a former IT entrepreneur and has an extensive track record in crowdfunding. Four years ago he co-founded the European Crowdfunding Network. As a crowdfunding strategist he is frequently asked to advise the European Commission. He very recently was ranked no. 3 on the Alternative Finance Power List, a list with the most influential people in P2P lending and crowdfunding on social media.

Günther Oettinger

Günther Oettinger

EU Commissioner Digital Economy & Society

Günther Oettinger

Member designate of the EC in charge of Digital Economy and Society

Günther Oettinger´s responsibilities include reparing ambitious legislative steps towards a connected Digital Single Market by breaking down national silos in telecoms regulation, in copyright and data protection legislation, in the management of radio waves and in the application of competition law.

Spyros Arsenis

Spyros Arsenis

National Bank of Greece

Spyros Arsenis

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Greece - Coordinator of the act4Greece at the National Bank of Greece

Spyros Arsenis coordinates act4Greece crowdfunding program (, NBG Business Seeds program ( and the NBG Innovation & Technology Competition. He studied electrical engineering and holds a PhD in Information Technology and Networks. He started his career in international IT projects as Project Manager and Senior Consultant for important organizations. He is the author of eight books on ICT, sales and marketing.

Thomas Zeinzinger

Thomas Zeinzinger

CEO Blockchain HUB

Thomas Zeinzinger

CEO of Blockchain HUB

Thomas passionately optimizes processes and products and is fascinated about digital enabled improvements and innovations. Beside his consulting company (OPTINNA) focused on Lean Management, he runs his own incubator and coworking space (lab10) and mentors startups in line with the Lean Startup Method. He has now declared full focus on blockchain technology by founding the BlockchainHub Graz where startups will get mentoring as well as connections to advisors, industry partners and investors.

Julia Groves

Julia Groves

Head of Crowdfunding at Downing LLP

Julia Groves

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for the UK - Head of Crowdfunding at Downing LLP

A pioneer of digital businesses since founding in 1994, I have spent the last 20 years working on disruptive customer-led propositions across online retail, renewable energy and financial services market spaces.
Most recently I developed the crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund, co-founded the UK Crowdfunding Association and am now a Partner with the Downing Crowd.

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Uncover cross-border crowdsourcing, innovation and funding scenarios and proven concepts from practice, academia and political impact.

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Open your eyes and network with people as committed as you, as passionate, as driven, but in fields that you’ve had little exposure to.

Embrace the serendipity

Learn how a Crowd disrupts with an impact that is intoxicating. Join us for a day full of ideas and great minds.

Stay focussed and agile

Unleash how the crowd can speed-up the innovation process for an competitive business future.

Association and Network Partners

Special Book Launch Event

Launch of the first Global Book on Crowdfunding
A pivotal source to enhance opportunities and benefits from the use of crowdfunding in modern society. An ambitious project which involved prestigious worldwide experts.

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Register today and meet the authors live in Graz
  • Join the presentation of the first global book on CrowdFunding and discuss its impact with the experts
  • A unique opportunity to meet the authors and get involved
  • How to anticipate future needs, create new business models, without losing revenue?
  • 30% special discount for all registered delegates


Explore the agenda.

The 15 minute inspiring talks format is designed as a showcase for experts presenting great, well-formed ideas. Thoughts and Insights that are new and surprising and show the meaning and process behind what those how create and are defined as a vital part of the European Crowd-X movement.

Get ready to experience sessions on:
  • Evolving legal frameworks for Europe
  • Future of Work - renewing value
  • Transfer of Know How and Innovation
  • Reinvention of the funding process
  • Social impact crowdfunding
  • The future Consumer collaboration
  • 1100-1115

    Decentralized and blockchain CrowdFunding
    smart-contracts and the future of equity management

    CrowdFunding Nick Dodson BoardRoom Canada
    How CrowdFunding projects take the block chain principle and add the ability to create smart contracts on the block chain—apps that can hold value, store data, and encapsulate code to perform computing tasks.
    Those smart contracts allow anonymous parties to enter into binding agreements, with each participant having full transparency on the deal being made. Value can be transferred between accounts or held in escrow inside the smart contract itself.
  • 1120-1135

    Crowdassets - the new source of enduring economic value

    CrowdInnovation Tim WrightTwintangibles Scotland
    Crowdassets - the new source of enduring economic value" which would unpack how the crowd can create diverse sources of value generation, how accessing and embracing these opportunities challenges much traditional management thinking, and how competencies will need to adjust to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • 1140-1155

    Cambridge Insight Talk
    The EU CrowdFunding market in a global context

    CrowdFunding Alexis LuiResearch Fellow UK
    Utilising an unprecedented industry dataset, which captures an estimated 90% of the visible market with data from peer-to-peer lending and other online alternative finance intermediaries from across 32 countries, this presentation hopes to shed some light on the state of online alternative finance in Europe.

    It will focus on the research findings from the 2nd Annual European Alternative Finance Industry Survey, which aims to systematically track and comprehensively benchmark the growth and development of the Pan-European crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending markets in 2015. This research was carried out by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, with the support of 17 major European industry associations and research partners, in partnership with KPMG and supported by the CME Group Foundation.
  • 1200-1215

    The rhetoric of “CrowdValue” as a social finance tool

    Social Impact Irene DemetriouAnirot Cyprus
    Impact investing and social enterprises are an emerging asset class which address key societal changes and at the same time enable new entrepreneurial models to take place. The EC has placed social business and impact investing at the forefront of its development policy, emphasised in its Social Business Initiative 2011 as well as in the Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion 2013. It emerges that crowdfunding, as a social finance tool, can become institutionalised in order to pursue objectives such as: access-to-finance to vulnerable groups such as youth, promote equality between men and women, combat discriminations, promote quality and sustainable employment, guarantee adequate social protection, combat long-term unemployment and fight against poverty and social exclusion. By taking into consideration the abovementioned objectives, social enterprises can follow a tailored investment-readiness program which incorporates crowdfunding as the key access-to-finance mechanism.

    A specific programme for fine-tuning social enterprises’ business case is required in order to stimulate the scaling-up and growth of social entrepreneurship, by including crowdfunding as a fundamental pillar of the equation. With the profit-impact dilemma no longer leaning towards a choice between making a difference or making profit, crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways to provide finance to social enterprises. Crowdfunding and crowd-advocacy can, therefore, help capacity building in member states with less developed social finance markets. This speech will present how social enterprises can become investment-ready through a bespoke support system, tailored for success for crowdfunding. It will also advocate in favour of local financial intermediaries such as ethical banks and social finance institutions as the new stakeholders in micro-lending for social enterprises while at the same time it will present a strong case for the promotion of crowdfunded impact investing as the new game changer for economic and social cohesion, in order to achieve CrowdValue (by and for the Crowd, for social and economic Value)
  • 1220-1235

    Why the Nordics have the opportunity to become market leaders in alternative financing

    CrowdFunding Kristine PontoppidanCrowd Ninja Denmark
    Lending and Equity based crowdfunding is experiencing great growth across the Nordic countries. But what will it take to truly create a harmonized market for cross-boarder investments and funding? The answer is one part regulation, one part cultural change and one part marketing.
  • 1240-1255

    Mapping social attention in cities:
    the keys to solving the world´s biggest problems

    CrowdSourcing Marko Hrelja10xCrowds UK
    What if rooms could tell how we feel when we entered? What if cities could tell how we feel when we gathered in public spaces? Bringing social attention data to public spaces can transform how infrastructure services its citizens — solving some of the world's biggest problems. Through mapping and satellite technology, I’ll demonstrate how the ability to sense movement and emotion for physical crowds opens solutions for citizen science, city infrastructure and commercial problems of scarcity.
  • 1300-1400

    Lunch Break - soul food and interactive networking

    Please stay tuned. We will get more details to this agenda topic very soon!
  • 1400-1415

    Urban Living Lab: Co-creating Cities with Crowdbusiness

    CrowdInnovation Conny Weber Austria
    This talk will provide practical experiences of co-creating cities with Crowdbusiness along the examples of three "Urban Living Labs", namely city areas of London, Turin and Brussels.
    The Crowdbusiness approach combines crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and enables organisations to drastically increase their innovation capacity by drawing from the power of the crowd at all stages of the innovation process: idea generation, selection, and funding.
    This talk aims at providing inspiration on creating attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas, in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive.
  • 1420-1435

    Act4Greece - a pioneering initiative for the promotion of social and developmental banking

    CrowdFunding Spyros ArsenisNational Bank Greece
    National Bank’s of Greece act4Greece crowdfunding initiative serves the Greek aspiration for a sustainable future, a society with open horizons and equal opportunities, and socially and environmentally sustainable growth for the benefit of the younger generation, ready to see its innovative ideas become reality. In addition, act4Greece serves the vision of a cutting-edge growth model that is supported by productive and dynamic individuals, as well as a banking system that supports the productive forces of the country, and society at large in these times of hardship.
    At the core of the crowdfunding philosophy is the raising of public awareness and encouragement to contribute, as far as each person is able, to the implementation of projects that have a predefined aim, budget and duration. The funds gathered through the act4Greece crowdfunding platform are currently donations. Soon, once the appropriate legal framework has been set up, it will also be possible to gather funds in the form of loans (usually of relatively small amounts) or participation in the equity of businesses, thereby supporting innovative startups.
    The online act4Greece platform fosters the creation of synergies, activates additional resources in a common direction, encourages greater leverage of sources and greater effectiveness in using them. A key feature of the crowdfunding initiative is its promotion of collaboration, synergies, team work and forging of relationships built on confidence – all essential ingredients of any successful project.
  • 1440-1455

    Evolving legal frameworks in Europe - outlook szenarios

    CrowdInvesting Tanja Aschenbeck-Florange Osborne Clarke Partner
    Crowdfunding is evolving more quickly than any other area of corporate finance and the regulators across Europe are struggling to keep up across the EU Member States. The goal is a uniform pan-European regulated market but we are still far away from being there. The talk gives an overview of the current legal framework in Europe for Crowdfunding and gives an outlook on possible scenarios regarding the European legal regime for Crowdfunding in the future.
  • 1500-1515

    Crowdfunding in Lithuania – a welcome to new players?

    CrowdFunding Vytautas Senavicius Partner TVINS
    Lithuanian Crowdfunding/P2P market is in an early stage of development. At this stage we have a number of unanswered questions for the business as well as for the public institutions. On the other hand, Crowdfunding/P2P business is struggling to be the first in a queue for developing business in growing alternative financing market.
  • 1520-1535

    How the relationship between start-ups & banks is evolving for crowdfunding?

    CrowdPayment Céline Lazorthes Mangopay Luxembourg
    The relationship between the incumbent banks and Fintech (startup) companies usually fosters a heated debate about wether these players are direct competition or if they can arrange themselves in the financial market to act as partners.

    With the “crowd” technologies capturing a small but growing field of the banking sector, banks have first been reluctant to accept these upcoming platforms as “real” financial players. With the importance of this sector rising, it will be more important than ever to identify the potential synergies and ways to cooperate in order to profit from the banks economies of scale and customer base as well as the innovative drive of younger startup companies.

    In his talk, Celine will share her insights - in theory and in examples - about how this relationship has evolved and an outlook to how it can continue to evolve to ensure a benefit for all involved parties.
  • 1535-1600

    Brain Pause - Coffee and Networking Break

    Please stay tuned. We will get more details to this agenda topic very soon!
  • 0930-1100

    Smarter State - insights in Estonia´s e-Residency

    Smart Citizens Victoria SaueEAS Estonia
    The e-Estonia digital society is made possible largely due to its infrastructure. Instead of developing a single, all-encompassing central system, Estonia created an open, decentralized system that links together various services and databases.
    The flexibility provided by this open set-up has allowed new components of the digital society to be developed and added through the years. It’s that power to expand that has allowed Estonia to grow into one of Europe’s success stories of the last decade.The Master Class will provide an overview of the infrastructure, legal frameworks, how it works, crowd effects etc.
  • 1115-1245

    Act4Greece - CrowdFunding 2.0

    Smart Countries Spyros ArsenisNational Bank
    The act4Greece program is a large scale crowdfunding initiative supported by National Bank of Greece in strategic collaboration with organizations and foundations of international standing, such as the Alexandros S. Onassis Foundation, the John S. Latsis Foundation, the Bodossaki Foundation, the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Within a five-month period act4Greece has succeeded in gathering more than €600,000 for four charity actions: school meals for children, medical care in remote islands, a digital archive relating to the 1821 Greek War of Independence, and renovation work at the Karolos Koun Art Theater. An investment section for equity and loans is ready for launch in the following months.
  • 1300-1400

    Lunch Break - soul food and interactive networking

    Please stay tuned. We will get more details to this agenda topic very soon!
  • 1400-1500

    Decentralizing Crowdfunding Platforms
    The DAO & WeiFund

    Smart Contracs Thomas Zeinzinger Blockchain Hub
    Going back in time we thought that the internet will foster decentralization and will allow small businesses to be competitive again. This did not come true – especially during the last 10-15 years we see the big companies growing with a tremendous pace. Crowdfunding platforms follow a similar pattern and the network effect helps to make it difficult for new competitors gaining enough traction.
    But what could be the next possible innovative step for Crowdfunding?
    We claim that it will be the Blockchain Technology because it will reduce costs substantially, increase funding security and will allow backers to trade their financial investment in a much easier way. Nevertheless, as with every innovation it comes with challenges from the social, financial and regulatory level. Furthermore, it is by far not certain how long it will take until the first successful platforms will form and if it will be truly decentralized or still be “owned” by somebody.
    In this Masterclass we will first describe the Blockchain Technology and the history of it, continue with already known examples for Crowdfunding activities and finally want to invite you to work with us on the challenges and possible solutions for this novel technology when it is applied for Crowdfunding.
  • 1515-1615

    Legal Frameworks in Europe for Crowd Business

    Smart Legal Umberto PiatelliOsborne Clarke
    The European Legal Crowdfunding Team of Osborne Clarke will discuss the effects of regulations and legal frameworks introduced by the EU Member States in the last years and the different aims pursued by these legal measures (e. g. strengthening of crowd industry / protection of (retail) investors). Further, the MasterClass will give in-depth insights into the fragmented European legal Crowdfunding landscape showing – at the same time – possible ways for a harmonised European legal framework on a European but also national level.
  • 1630-1730

    eRezeki: Malaysia’s Strategic Approach to Crowdsourcing

    Smart Sourcing Redzuan AffandieRezeki
    The eRezeki programme is based on crowdsourcing concept, with specific focus on crowd service-based models. Through eRezeki, participants will be trained, qualified and matched against suitable tasks or work. Components of the programme also includes few strategic eRezeki centres, which have been established at strategic locations across the country. The centre is a dedicated digital work centre that also provides training to new digital workers. The master class will also share on the experience and challenges faced in designing and actual implementation of the programme. The session will provide the opportunity for interested partners and collaborators to interact and have better understanding of the programme.
  • 0930-1000

    Press / Media Briefing

    Media Briefing Bernd LiebmingerWKO Steiermark
    Please join us for a special press and media briefing at the business lounge and media room , 7th floor
  • 1400-1440

    Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    CrowdFunding Walter VassalloMC Sharable
    Learn the latest scholarly research and business practices on the opportunities and benefits from international crowdfunding experts. This special session is focused on academic researchers, students and policy makers.

    Discuss with authors of this peer-reviewed book, published by a leading international publisher of progressive academic research, its socio-economic impact, in addition to its business implications. Speakers include Walter Vassalo (editor and ideator of the project) and experts Alessandro Lerro and Fabio Allegrini and will be hosted by Ronald Kleverlaan.

    Experts will reveals the most peculiar and important aspects of crowdfunding, featuring current trends and future directions for crowdfunding research. Timing: 2:00 - 2:40 pm Location: Business lounge, 7th floor.

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